Dear Stakeholders,

On behalf of the JANKALYAN family I extend our best wishes to all of you.
As the Chairman of the Board of Jankalyan, I feel, it is an honor and privilege to be associated with one of the leading Credit Co-operatives, which is known for its transparent, ethical and professional transactions.

At business level, amidst the challenges and complexities created by the failing Credit Co-operatives, we have responded with strong character and resilience. Our performance on the front of growth and profits has surpassed all our previous achievements. During the fiscal ended on 31st March 2019 we could achieve a Business Mix of Rs.749 crore with the Net Income of Rs. 8.53 crore. At the same time, we have meticulously observed the compliance norms set by our Regulators - may be in the form of asset classification, income recognition, provisioning and capital requirement.

In the recent past our Board has taken some strategic decisions that are aimed at securing the future growth, stability and reliability of Jankalyan.

By successfully taking over a couple of Credit Co-operatives we not only have demonstrated our commitment to Social Responsibility but also have increased our foot prints by opening some new branches.

During all this period we have embarked in a big way on the path of technological upgradation. Perhaps, we are the first Credit Co-operative to launch an ATM in Maharashtra which is functioning round the clock. We are reaping the benefits of technology through improved MIS and product diversification.

In yet another development we have initiated a process to revamp and rectify our Investment Portfolio. Our transparent disclosures have gained the support of stakeholders and enabled us to keep our performance on proper tracks.

With warm regards.

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