Social Responsibility (S.R.)

At "Jankalyan" we nurture the culture of "Trusteeship in Business".

The core elements of our SR activities include -
     *   ethical functioning
     *   respect for all stake holders and
     *   care for the communities we serve and amongst whom we operate.

We generally implement our community initiatives through our informal social wing functioning as an independent  trust under the nomenclature "Jankalyan Pratishthan".

The Janklayan Pratishthan runs a school without any Government grants. The school imparts Primary and Secondary education and caters around 700 students on its rolls. Its mission is to provide quality education at affordable cost to inculcate socially desirable values.

The Pratishthan also provides Break-fast and Lunch packets to underprivileged sections of society at affordable cost. Its a nutrition support scheme being run on no profit no loss basis. The scheme is taken care of through diverse low cost cooking techniques without compromising on ingredients and cooking hygiene.

We also support various social and cultural groups through our donations for their various philanthropic pursuits.

During last few years our average annual expenditure on social initiatives is above 5% of our net income.

Thus Jankalyan's abiding concern for society goes beyond its business!

* * *

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